Working as a freelancer

I have been writing articles to Finnish Magazines and Newspapers around 16 years.  As a freelancer I take an economical risk including the time used to travel and write as well as travel expenses. Some articles are bought shortly after the trip but sometimes the period between actual site research and publication can be as long as two years. But it has been fruitful way to do this work as the ideas pop up best at travel site.  I also take photoes to my articles.

Publications I have been writing to

  • Aamulehti and Turun Sanomat are daily newspapers in Tampere and Turku.
  • Eeva, monthly women’s magazine
  • Espoo magazine is a bulletin for Espoo city residents.
  • Evento is main business related magazine for event organizers.
  • Kotiliesi, family life magazine
  • Kotilääkäri, overall wellbeing magazine
  • Matkaan, VR Group customer magazine for railway travelers.
  • Matkaopas is one of the biggest travel magazines for consumers.
  • Olé,  magazine for Finns living in Spain.
  • S & A-lehti, business related magazine for secretaries and assistants. Nowadays fused to Evento-magazine.
  • Seura, family life magazine
  • Taloustaito, magazine for members of the Taxpayers Association of Finland
  • Viva,  adult woman’s magazine
  • Yrittäjä and Yrittäjäsanomat are business related magazines for entrepreneurs.

My articles

List of my articles is seen on this blog.  Sorry international reader´s, the list is in Finnish as I write in Finnish.

My blogs

At work, on vacation or just being curious in our globe

My education

  • Degree in Developing Digital Service Design, Further Qualification, 2019
  • Digital and Social Media Further Qualification for Entrepreneurs, 2016
  • Specialist in Competence based Qualification, JAMK University of Applied Sciences, 2011
  • Basic studies in Creative Writing, University of Jyväskylä, 2006
  • Further Qualification for Tourist Guides, 2004 Further Qualification in Tourism Activities, 2003
  • Diploma in Marketing in Marketing Institute of Helsinki, 1996


  • The Finnish Guild of Travel Journalists
  • The Finnish Environmental Journalists Association
  • The Association of Freelance Journalists in Finland (AFJ)
  • Reporters Without Borders

Prospects regarding writing

  • Trekking and outdoor life is interesting topic for my audience
  • Entrepreneur’s life in different countries
  • Environment
  • Culture and Lifestyle  in general
  • The above are just some ideas but I am open to all matters in order to get material to write to those of my contacts.


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